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Portrait Session Location Ideas

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Portrait Sessions can take place anywhere, as long as everyone feels safe and comfortable. Privacy is a valuable consideration, when considering a location.

Indoor photoshoots provide the most control and privacy:

  • I have a really lovely studio, with lights and props. Its styled nicely and I'm accustomed to working in it - it's *almost* always my first choice for location work.

  • A client's home is a great location, because it's often styled in a fashion they relate with, and they will feel comfortable in their home.

  • Hotel Rooms, AirBnBs and other rental locations also don't have the clutter of a private home and sometimes have really exquisite furnishings. I've gotten creative and rented a laundromat as well as a bar venue.

Outdoor Photoshoots are incredibly gorgeous as well and no two are ever the same:

  • The Woods provide shade and seclusion and if you bring a simple prop like a rug, blanket or chair, you can keep your client off the ground.

  • Private gardens, pools, yards or barns make beautiful backdrops and typically come with props.

  • A pasture, desert or beach give you the opportunity to surround your client with a beautiful, wide and open space.

There's no right or wrong location to shoot, it's ultimately up to the photographer and the client to select the most appropriate space. I typically have a little brainstorm session with my clients, while confirming the details. We take into consideration the reason for the shoot, the desired aesthetic and the seasons.

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