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Dont Forget These Essential Supplies for a Smooth and Successful Photoshoot!

A photoshoot is an exciting and memorable experience, whether you're a professional model, a parent capturing precious moments of your little ones, a newly engaged couple or simply someone seeking stunning photographs. While your photographer will take care of most aspects, there are a few items you can bring along to ensure a smooth and enjoyable session.

In this blog post, we'll discuss 7 essential supplies that can come in handy during a photoshoot, almost all of which are in my handy dandy "Oh shit kit".

  1. The All-Purpose Backpack: To efficiently manage your supplies, invest in a spacious and durable backpack. Opt for a design that offers multiple compartments and pockets for easy organization. By keeping all your essentials in one place, you'll have everything you need within reach throughout the photoshoot. And a backpack makes it easy and comfortable to transport your essentials handsfree.

  2. Backup Outfits: It's always wise to bring a change of clothes, especially if you're package includes multiple options. Sometimes our pieces don't work as well together as we had envisioned, or stains/rips/wrinkles/and other fashion casualties occur. Remember to pack and travel with your wardrobe options carefully and considerately - to keep them wrinkle-free until needed. This way, you can effortlessly transition between different styles and themes without missing a beat.

  3. Baby Wipes: Pack wipes for quick touch-ups and freshening up before each shot. Wipes can be used on shoes, accessories, props and on you - the subject. These little details contribute to a polished look in the final images.

  4. Snacks and Water: Long photoshoots can be energy-consuming. Pack tidy snacks that are easy to handle and won't create mess or stains. Consider options like granola bars, sliced fruits, or bite-sized snacks that provide a quick and convenient boost of energy. Additionally, staying hydrated is essential (I've mentioned drinking your water in other posts as well) so remember to carry a water bottle to keep yourself refreshed and focused.

  5. Robe or Blankets: Between images, while getting makeup touched up or any hair styling etc, its helpful to have a robe or blanket. Essentially, it keeps you warm and covered while also acting as a barrier between your outfit and any potential stains. Moreover, having a cozy blanket on hand can be useful for comfort, warmth, or even incorporating it into a prop for some creative shots.

  6. Beauty Essentials: Chapstick is a must-have item during a photoshoot. Dry lips can be a distraction and take away from the overall aesthetic. Keep your lips moisturized and camera-ready with a trusty tube of chapstick. Additionally, bobby pins and safety pins are handy for quickly fixing hair or securing clothing if any unexpected mishaps occur.

  7. First Aid Kit: Accidents and injuries can occur unexpectedly, whether you're at home, traveling, or engaging in outdoor activities. Having a first aid kit on hand allows you to provide immediate medical assistance. It can help manage minor wounds, alleviate pain, and stabilize the injured person's condition. Carrying a first aid kit provides a sense of security and reassurance, both for yourself and those around you. Knowing that you have the necessary supplies to handle minor injuries or medical issues can help alleviate anxiety in challenging situations. It also allows you to be more confident and proactive when faced with unexpected health concerns.

Conclusion: Preparing for a photoshoot goes beyond picking the right outfit and striking a pose. By being well-prepared with the essential supplies mentioned above, you can ensure a smooth and successful session. From extra clothing and hygiene items to nourishing snacks and a first aid kit, these supplies contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. And always remember to keep that chapstick handy for picture-perfect smiles.

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