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How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Alrighty-roo! Congrats! You booked your session and now it's time to prepare.

Start getting ready for your shoot a week (or so) before your shoot date.

First thing first. Drink water. Like so much water. When you think you've had enough water, drink more. Get yourself nice a hydrated, and keep it up all week. Trust me when I say, "hydrate" Your skin and hair will thank you, your energy level will improve and I promise you're gunna notice on shoot day.

Next, If you're going to do any sort of hair removal, consider how long any potential skin irritation may take to sort itself out. You're going to want to avoid shaving, waxing, etc too close to shoot day.

Try on all the outfits you plan to wear for your shoot, and take the time to cut off any tags or loose threads. Make sure you have a nice assortment of outfits, and that everything fits. Try to pack your items neatly as well, to save time and work on shoot day.

OK, this ones important. There's no right or wrong nail colour for a shoot - don't fret about how you get your nails done, but if you're going to, make sure that you get them done closer to your actual shoot date. You don't want to have them done too early and end up with chipped polish for your shoot. I typically do my nails a day or two before shoots. The same thing applies for any sort of spray tan or hair cut/colouring or styling.

The day before your shoot take a nice long hot shower or bath and exfoliate. Moisturize really well afterwards and touch up any hair removal *if* you had any done earlier this week.

The night before your shoot, get a good nights sleep and the day of your shoot try to take a little bit of time to review some photos and/or poses you like before your shoot.

On shoot day, wear baggy clothing *and if possible avoid wearing undergarments that will leave any sort of lines or imprints on your skin*. Please make sure you eat on shoot day. Don't skip any meals - if you're worried about bloating, eat something light. Posing for a boudoir sessions is kind of similar to a yoga session because you’ll be holding muscles you normally don’t. And if you're going to wear deodorant, make sure it's clear.

Try to avoid alcohol and salt for at least 24 hours before your shoot. They're gunna dry you out, and thats the last thing we need (hence all the water I've been telling you to drink).

Alright, if you've read this and still have questions about preparing for your shoot, please don't hesitate to send me an email!

Until my next blog,


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