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What To Expect From Your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Congrats! You've booked your appointment, and paid your deposit, and now it's almost time for your shoot. It's totally normal to be a bit nervous/anxious about what the experience, so Im going to outline a few helpful tips to make sure you know what to expect.

Before your session, you will have had the opportunity for a consultation with me, not everyone takes me up on the pre-consult, but I strongly suggest it. It's a great opportunity for us to discuss details and styling, and it will help us all feel more familiar on shoot day.

Its a great idea to discuss your expectations with your photographer, and to be clear about why you booked your session.

Bring multiple outfits. I already have a blog post where I discuss what to pack for your session - if you want to check it out, here ya go: What To Pack For Your Boudoir Shoot .

A lot of photographers will have client closets with clothing options, and sometimes there is even a stylist on set to help. Pack and bring as many outfits/items you think you may want to wear - and please make sure to pack accessories! Trust your photographer/stylist, when deciding which outfits to wear, they're experienced dressing various body types, and they're going to make you look incredible!

I love combining my client closet pieces with the various items clients bring to each shoot. Clients are often surprised with some of my choices at first, but the final images speak for themselves. I also absolutely love seeing what gorgeous items clients bring to shoot in. Its so much fun!

Ok this part is important - relax. stop clenching your jaw, lower your shoulders and take a deep breath. You are not the first person your photographer has worked with, and no one is going to judge you. This day is about you and for you. You look incredible and you're about to be pampered, while your photographer and creative team work to celebrate you.

Hair and Makeup application is included in all of my packages, but some photographers will expect you to have it done before hand. I consider the whole hair and makeup application experience to be part of the pampering.

Now comes the shoot - this is where the magic happens friends. Your photographer is going to have instructions and directions for you, and they're going to have you pointing your toes, and using muscles you didn't know you had. You're gunna feel it a bit the next day. Expect a few outfit changes during your shoot, and don't forget to drink water while you're on set!

You're going to have such a great time and I'm so excited for you to see yourself through the camera lens. This is an empowering experience and an opportunity to celebrate yourself. You are going to feel strong and beautiful and (believe it or not) comfortable, when you get into your groove on set.

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