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What to Pack For Your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

There is absolutely no set dress code for a boudoir session. You can (and should) wear anything you want. The options for boudoir wardrobe and props are endless! Keeping that in mind, here are a few things you should pack for your shoot:

* A robe (if you have one that you find comfortable)

* Coverup, wrap or shawl

* Your favourite sexy outfit (or two)

* Several footwear options - make sure to pack at least one pair of heels

* Bring a pair of pants or jeans

* A button up shirt and/or an off the shoulder sweater/shirt

* A leather/denim jacket or a fitted blazer

* Sexy undergarments/lingerie

* Accessories (more is always better than less)

* Stockings, and fishnets, and a garter belt set

* Any sort of items or accessories that are significant for you or the shoot

* Something you love

*If you sometimes need allergy medication, pack it.

*Pack deodorant, and if you're particular about or sensitive to makeup products, pack your own for the makeup artist to use.

This is a pretty basic overview, and if you book a session with me, you have the option of a consultation, where we can discuss outfits and styling. I also have a stylist involved for some shoots and their insight can be invaluable during the planning process. Obviously, I strongly suggest taking advantage of the opportunity to work out wardrobe before hand.

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