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Why Book A Boudoir Session?

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

There are so many reasons to book a boudoir shoot, but I'm going to go over a few in case you're looking for a good excuse.

The first reason? It's fun. Yup. Like super freaking fun. Like "oh my god. Why didn't I try this sooner!?" kinda fun.

I feel like I should extrapolate on this point...but I think I've made my point.

The 2nd reason is, You deserve it. Everyone deserves to have beautiful photos of themselves, and you're no different. And I assure you, that you want to see yourself the way I see you through my camera. A boudoir session gives you the opportunity to truly appreciate how beautiful you are. You'll have the opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of someone else and that can be a refreshing experience.

Reason three, It's a self-esteem boost. I guess I kinda covered this part in the second point, but boudoir isn't just about being "sexy" it's about being self-accepting. A boudoir shoot is about celebrating yourself. It's about investing in an experience designed to celebrate how beautiful you are.

Ok reason four is essentially the same as reason two and three, but you will look and feel amazing, and the effects are long lasting. You will have an assortment of beautiful images from your shoot, to revisit anytime you want.

I think you guys get the idea here....but I'm gunna keep going, cuz it's a slow day and because I want to make sure you don't have any excuse not to book.

Reason 5, it's a wonderful way to spend the day, and you can even make a "girls day/night" out of the event by booking my "Bestie" package. Or you can have one of your besties come along to cheer for you from the sidelines.

Another excuse (or reason #6) the photos from a boudoir session make an excellent gift, so do the finished products you can have made out of any of the images (albums, prints, etc)

Alrighty, because I still haven't run out of coffee or reasons, here is yet another excuse to book a session. You should buy yourself some nice new pieces for your wardrobe, and then have incredible photos of yourself taken in them. Or perhaps, you haven't had the opportunity to wear some of your newer pieces. This would be a great excuse to bust them out.

I think at this point I've pretty much summarized the the point I've been trying to make but essentially, you're a beautiful fucking creature and you deserve to enjoy yourself, pamper yourself, and feel divine. I look forward to sharing more of my exceptional insight with y'all in my next blog. But until then, go take a look at my available packages and invest in yourself.

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